Your resource for custom information and research on Japanese food, diagnostics, biotechnology and related areas from a global perspective. Specialists in cross-cultural consulting, coordination and communication support for companies who want to explore doing business in Japan. Bi-lingual, English and Japanese.

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Techno Consulge, Ltd.

Serving as marketing and management strategy advisor to a wide variety of international science and technology clients. PhD, Department of Applied Chemistry at the University of Tokyo's School of Engineering, specializing in:
Marketing consulting, Business consulting, Research, Publishing, Advertising, Education, Executive search, Human resource agent, Staff agency.

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global american technology alliances (gata)

gata is an international business development company helping technology companies grow globally by focusing on the people part of technology. gata helps clients devise an international strategy, then provides the means to implement it.  To determine where you are, gata offers company international readiness assessments. To determine who’s appropriate for you to approach, gata offers world-wide alliance partner & prospective customer search. To figure out how to outduel your competitors, gata offers global competitor analysis & evaluation. By taking an objective look @ your company resources vs. your competitors in your customers eyes, gata provides the most realistic look at potential market opportunities.

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Austin Davis Industries
Austin Davis industries offers a wide variety of innovative, environmentally friendly products for home and industry. We have developed products that are not only safe for humans and the environment but really work a lot better than other products currently being used, and they will save you money.

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SRC Technologies
SRC Technologies is a cutting edge technology company delivering artificial intelligence solutions to government, healthcare providers, enterprise organizations, and retail markets.

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TechMinds 4 Hire
TechMinds 4 Hire, Inc. is your one stop shop for a variety of business services. We offer webhosting, colo, managed servers, and streaming. We strive to provide an excellent customer experience by providing easy to use account management tools, and support for your account any time, day or night, via tutorials.

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Eden's Bounty Multi-SanTM
Colorless, odorless, biodegradable instant sanitizer is effective against both gram positive and gram-negative bacteria; kills in 30 seconds. Free of chlorine and quaternary ammonium compounds. EPA registered food contact surface sanitizer. Austin Davis Industries, Inc.
TERRA+ CLEAN Acid-Replacement Surface Cleaner
Safe, totally natural, 100% biodegradable, multi-functional cleaning product providing safety in the workplace for both humans and environmental surfaces - without compromising performance. Can be diluted up to 25:1. Austin Davis Industries, Inc.