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Our free newsletter, BioTechCircle News® has been suspended the past several months. We apologize for this and plan to resume publication in April, 2009. The transition to our new design may have lost some subscriptions, so if you signed up in December 2008 or later, it may be necessary to sign up again. However, please wait until we test the system and let you knoew here that everything is working. It's a double opt-in to assure that no one signed you up without your knowledge. When you subscribe, you will receive an automated e-mail thanking you and asking you to click on the link. This also serves to validate your e-mail address.

BioTechCircle News® will offer new features and will continue to contain commentary on recent, highly-readable life science articles selected from several hundred free, respected Web sources and on the gene-related patents and patent applications posted by the U.S. Patent Office during the previous month.
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