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52 Pickup with Chris Freytag

Chris has been teaching fitness, training clients and coaching on the subjects of nutrition and health for the past 20 years. "I believe that staying healthy is a way of living...and I am dedicated to motivating others to achieve a healthier, happy life."

Chris' high energy and approachable personality has helped build her reputation as a nationally known fitness expert among the viewers who watch her weekly NBC TV segments, to the members who jam pack her classes, to her clients, readers and fans. Chris holds a BA in Journalism and is a certified Group Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer and Lifestyle and Weight Management consultant. She is a Yoga and Pilates instructor as well. Over the years, Chris has written numerous articles on health and fitness. She is a national fitness presenter, motivational speaker and has over a dozen Fitness DVD's in the marketplace.

Find out more about Chris at her web site.

To hear a 52 Pickup segment, click on a link below:

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